Yelp source availability?


A search of “Yelp” on site revealed this single page, discussing Yelp as one of many “” sources.

  1. Is Yelp social data available via the Historics and Live Streaming?

  2. If #1 is yes, then is it required to activate the DataSift “Demographics” source to access Yelp data?
    Or, is Yelp data part of the default DataSift data set and activating Demographics just identifies the demographics of a social data result?

  3. If #1 is yes, what is the scope of Yelp data available via DataSift?
    Such as reviews, lists, messages, other?

  1. Yelpers have written over 36 million local reviews.
  2. In addition to reviews, you can use Yelp to find events, lists and to talk with other Yelpers.
  1. I also noticed the Yelp API v2.0 Search API where a search term may be input to obtain related businesses and a social post snippet, though it does not seem intended for social data processing.


This is not a Yelp data source - as described in the documentation, the target returns:

"A list of services that an author uses to post content. This augmentation helps determine what type of content is posted by authors using particular services and technologies."

So, if a Demographics interaction contains Yelp as one of the, it simply means that this user has been known to post content from Yelp - it does not means that this interaction contains Yelp data. To access this, you will need to purchase access to DataSift Demographics.


Thank you for the clarification, Jason.
Is a Yelp data source planned for any time this year, or later?


This is a source that's been requested in the past. However, there are no plans on our current roadmap to add it as a data source. 


Thank you for the advisory, Victor.