Why does my streamed hours usage increase before making any API calls for any streams?


I started a new account and made a very simple stream through the DataSift GUI that returned messages containing certain keywords. I could see the stream in action in its “Free Preview” section, but before I even started using the Streaming or REST APIs I saw that my “streamed hours” usage was going up, and that I was being billed for it. Why do I get billed just for having a stream, even if I don’t make use of it?


When you are editing CSDL in the web UI editor, you are billed for the stream you are testing.

I can see you have the same stream connected a number of times. Do you have a number of CSDL editor windows open?


No, I don’t have any CSDL editor windows open. I was only working in it for a few minutes at first, and then I think might have viewed the definition a couple of times after that.

Also, I just checked my streamed hours usage a couple minutes ago and it was showing a staggering 21.48 streamed hours, even though I haven’t even had an account for nearly that long (and still haven’t made any API calls). I just checked it again and it looks like everything has been reset back to 0, though… I’m guessing you guys did that?


Oh, sorry, I was looking at yesterday’s usage (before I had an account) and it was showing all 0’s. My current usage is now 36.06 streamed hours and I’m still being billed…


Alright, I’m a bit concerned now. My streamed hours usage is currently at 173 hours and I’ve completely ran out of my starting $10 of credits. In fact, my DPU cost shows up as $10.46. Let me know if you need any more information to fix this bug, because I’d still like to try DataSift out… but these issues are concerning me.


I am moving this issue to our helpdesk - http://support.datasift.com


Thanks. Should I submit a request there too for this issue?


Nevermind, just got the email.