Why do I see tweets as results (on free preview in the UI) when the only data source activated is facebook


Logged into datasift.com and created a stream with only facebook as the active source. The CSDL is as simple as :

interaction.content contains “ladygaga”

Few questions :

  1. The only results I got after watching the stream for more than 5mins is tweets. Any idea why there weren’t any results from FB ?
  2. One result was a tweet that was tweeted 11 hrs earlier. e.g. http://twitter.com/bl00dym4ry/status/222775945168306176. Any reason why these show up in the stream ? My understanding was that the free preview shows real-time or close to real-time results…


The free preview ignores the data sources you have switched on/off, and simply displays interactions as we receive them. The results you see from Twitter are in real-time. Our Facebook interactions are returned through the Facebook Open-Graph API, and unlike Twitter, Facebook does not guarantee we receive all public posts.

The result you received 11 hours late may well have been a retweet of something that was originally Tweeted 11 hours ago.


Hmm…I thought it was a tweet and not a retweet. Anyway, the other results were in real-time. Couple of other questions :

  1. I read http://dev.datasift.com/discussions/how-can-i-get-free-access-while-developer-mode and you mention that there’s a $10 free to begin experimenting. Is this in addition or different from the $10 (now $9.93 since I’ve been streaming with a few examples on the free preview UI) shown in the dashboard at datasift.com ?

  2. If I need to obtain tweets of ladygaga, which have been retweeted by some tweeters, e.g. https://twitter.com/instagram/status/220940213676019712
    and NOT tweets like this

what is the CSDL statement ?

I used twitter.retweet.mentions in “ladygaga” and that didn’t filter tweets of the 2nd kind.

  1. Similarly, is there a way to capture tweets that are replies to, say, ladygaga ?



1. This is the same $10. If you are interested in a more comprehensive starter package, please get in touch with our team on sales@datasift.com.

2. twitter.mentions looks for any Tweets which mention the listed usernames. Unfortunately these two Tweets are very similar, in the fact that they are not true retweets. Twitter classifies an interaction as a retweet if you click the "Retweet" button, and do not edit the Tweet:

If the Tweet has been edited in any way from the original, then it is not a 'true retweet'. 

3. For replies, take a look at the twitter.in_reply_to_screen_name target.



Thanks Jason,

  1. So let’s say I am ok with a true retweet. What would be the CSDL for that ? I tried twitter.retweet.mentions and that didn’t give me true retweets
  2. One last question about data that can be obtained. What should be the CSDL to get all followers of a user. e.g. All followers of ladygaga. OR would it be possible to get recent followers (say, the followers in the past 7 days).


1. If you want to collect retweets of Tweets originally sent by @LadyGaga, you would want to use the twitter.retweeted.user.screen_name target.

2. DataSift does not currently support the concept of relationships - i.e. We can not tell if one user is following another. To get this information, you will need to hit the Twitter API directly. Something like the GET followers/ids method should help you achieve the results you are looking for.