What's the difference, in terms of number of contents returned, between DataSift and official Facebook/Twitter API?


I’m working on a system developed using Oracle Endeca Information Discovery for analyzing social data.
Since today I used the Facebook Graph API and the Twitter REST API v1.1 for interfacing with these social networks. In particular, I retrieve posts and tweets by searching for a particular keyword (typically a product) contained in the text of the post/tweet.
I discovered recently your service and can’t understand if, using your services as my data sources, there is a benefit in terms of number of contents retrieved. My question is: if I search for all post/tweets containing a keyword using the Facebook/Twitter API and I make the same search using your API I’ll get the same number of records or there is some differences in terms of number of results?
Thank you in advance.


With Twitter, we receive the full Twitter Firehose, which means we receive and filter on every public Tweet. We also offer advanced filtering, allowing you to filter on the sentiment of a post, metadata of links contained within a post, or a Twitter user's social influence.

Regarding our Facebook data source, we use the Facebook Open Graph API to access Facebook posts. Unlike Twitter, which has a robust Firehose delivery model, the data returned via Facebook’s Open Graph API isn't guaranteed by Facebook to return all public posts, so it is possible you will receive more data by querying the Facebook Open Graph API directly.