What target should I use to collect all the posts made by a specific Facebook page?


I want to collect admin and users posts made in a specific fan page. I tested some targets like facebook.author.name == “facebook_page” or facebook.author.id == “pageid” without success. I could’nt find the target I need in the reference documentation (http://dev.datasift.com/docs/targets/facebook-pages). Any suggestions?


You need to ensure you have a Facebook Pages Managed Source running before you will receive any facebook Pages data.


Yes, I have a managed source running. I created 2 streams for a specific FB page data: one to collect interaction data (comments, likes and posts by others) and another to collect posts made by page admin. I’m using source.id == target for the first one and it’s working just fine. But the facebook.author.id == target at the second one is not returning any data.


You will need to use different CSDL targets depending on whether you are filtering on the public Facebook source, or the Facebook Pages Managed Source. Here is the documentation for Facebook Pages Targets.