What is my Username?


I already got a key access but … I don’t know witch is my username.

help? Thanks!


It looks like you’re on the free trial. In this case, you can operate without a username; just use the API key provided to you in your on-boarding documents. Please remember that this free trial is API access only; it does not provide you with a login to datasift.com


Thank you for the answer.

I try make the connection without username but … Look

datasift = Client(“ACCOUNT_API_USERNAME”, “My_Key”)
datasift = Client("", “My_Key”)

{u’error’: u’Authorization failed’}

And when delete the first parameter:

TypeError: init() takes at least 3 arguments (2 given)

What is my wrong? :frowning:


By using the official API clients, you’re pointing your requests to the production API, rather than the free trial sandbox API. Please follow the instructions in the documents provided to you when you signed up for the free trial to issue API requests


That’s right!

Thanks! :smiley: