Visual Query Builder download and github links not working


Hello, looks like the project was deleted from github, I can seem to download the current version, Visual Query Builder download and github links not working.

Please update, also the sprites and css resources are gone as well.



Hi Aro,

The GitHub page has been made private for the time being as we are planning on re-launching the new version of Query Builder soon. 



In the meantime, can you make the latest non-minified javascript version available, I am need it for debugging my work.


Here are some of the issues:-
The end query is full or error’s and doesn’t match my selection, in the query editor.

  1. My Icons don’t line up correctly, I notice the push into the stack, but I am unable to line up the icons correctly.

  2. In some click through’s - multiple repetitive twitter and geo icons show up?! can you help me understand why the other icons are not showing up, and how I can fix this

  3. Also, I saw the example on restricted query. Using this, I have a case with a different order of icons, with my own theme (more colorful icons :slight_smile: and the css sheet has a different order of the icons. I see the javascript loading, I didnt think that order had anything to do with the icons, am I correct ?
    How can I adapt the icons to match/hierarchies correctly.

I have spent a lot of time debugging, but its turning out to be hard.



I have sent a version of the Query Builder to you via your Support ticket (since it is not an official release version). If there are any specific debugging you need help with, please provide us with a link to your implementation and we can take a look.