Using the API, how do I get a list of all the streams defined via the website


I’ve defined a set of streams via the DataSift website UI tools. I’d like to get a list of these streams (incl name, description and hash) via the Rest API

there doesn’t appear to be an API command to do this.

am I missing something?


From your list of streams in the UI, you can click "Use", then "Consume via API" - this will give you the stream hash of this particular stream. There is no command to list all of your created streams. The /usage API endpoint will return the stream hash and usage details of any streams which have been consumed in the last hour or day (depending on what you set the 'period' parameter to).

Similarly, any streams which are compiled via the API will not show up in the UI.


thanks Jason (just saw the response). No problem - at least I wasn’t missing something :slight_smile: