Using Instagram Managed Source after June 2016



What is the status of the Instagram Managed Source after Instagram platform update on 1st of June 2016?

How can we ensure that there won’t be any data loss?

The communication about the update and possible actions that Datasift’s customers need to take in order to continue consuming Instagram data have been extremely confusing.

Could you please give us an update about this as soon as possible?



Right now, we’re still waiting for app approval. We will contact all customers with an update as soon as we hear otherwise.

If the DataSift app is not approved, there will not necessarily be data loss on your part; it depends how many API calls we need to make to Instagram on your behalf. The differences between a production-approved, and sandbox application are largely down to rate limits (explained in Instagram’s developer documentation).

In order to ensure you do not suffer from any detrimental effects of these changes, we recommend you head to Instagram’s Developer site, create an Instagram App, and have it approved by Instagram. You can then generate your access tokens using your approved app, giving your tokens access to Instagram’s production-scale API rate limits.