Using DataSift for Sentiment Analysis


Hi Jason,
we have run the code in the cron of our server. But still it is not giving us any data.
Can you please guide us and tell me the way step by step to get the social sentiment of certain stocks (facebook,google,apple,microsoft).
I need to get the social sentiment in my site. But datasift procedure is making us confused because they are not providing anything step by step.


We would recommend starting by using a client library to set up a Push Subscription (see Push API Step-by-Step). 

The steps you would need to take are as follows:

  1. Check your Data Sources to check you have enabled each source you would like to receive data from.
  2. Write and compile your CSDL. Perhaps look at using the twitter.symbols target if you are interested in stock information.
  3. Create a Push Destination.
  4. Create a Push subscription, subscribing to the CSDL filter you just created.
  5. That should be everything you need! You should now be receiving data in your Push Destination, with each Tweet augmented with sentiment analysis of the Tweet text.