Update strategy for managed sources



I am trying Google Plus Managed source. I have some questions regarding update strategy for managed sources.

I will be adding/removing new resources (keywords) to track in time. What should i do after updating managed source for changes to take effect?

Should i restart stream and push subscription?
Should i restart managed source?
Does it apply to all managed sources?
Is there a resource limit for managed sources?




  • There is no need restart the stream/push subscription as these are just the delivery mechanisms.
  • You will not have to restart the managed source, the update will take effect and it will start looking for data in any additional pages that have been added.
  • This will be the same for any type of managed source.
  • The access tokens you use in managed sources are used to access the data, so if you are expecting certain pages to have high volumes of data it is recommended to split these in to seperate sources with their own unique tokens to prevent your managed sources from hitting rate limits enforced by the source.

More details on source/update can be found [here](http://dev.datasift.com/docs/api/1/sourceupdate).