Upcoming release of Media Strategies API


To allow us to keep improving and adding new features to the Media Strategies API we will be moving to a new architecture next week.

The goal of the new architecture is to allow us to create more advanced strategies and to improve the performance of existing strategies.

For API users there are no major changes to the supported strategies or how you work with the API, it is just the architecture behind the scenes that will change. You can continue to use the API as you have until now, and of course take advantage of the new strategies as they are released.

There is one minor change you should be aware of for this release.

1) Step-based progress reporting is no longer supported

The new architecture does not support the concept of ‘steps’ which have been used to report progress of tasks until now. From now on all strategies will be reported as having 1 step to lessen the impact of the change on customer’s code.

If you have been using the ‘step_completed’ and ‘total_steps’ output fields when you have been monitoring the status of your tasks, your task will now progress from 0 steps completed (when you queue the task) to 1 step completed when the entire task is complete.

  "id": "b39746f8b4837623b528c793ef7fb84b61998ddd",
  "name": "Top urls for cloud",
  "type": "strategy",
  "parameters": { ... },
  "result": { ... },
  "usage": { … },
  "steps_completed": 0,
  "total_steps": 1,
  "message": "",
  "status": "queued",
  "created_at": 1493740057,
  "updated_at": 1493740077

We may re-introduce this feature in future depending on the types of strategies that are added to the API over time.