Unable to get results using CSDL, just from the iconic one!



I’m unable to get result using the CSDL way, just from using the iconic way, I’m trying to invoke the following:

interaction.type == “twitter” and interaction.sample < 2

but no results!!!

when using the iconic method (when creating a stream), it gives me results !!!

please help



Looking at your account, I can see you have not yet saved any streams, so you will be unable to view anything. try creating and saving this stream, then previewing it.

As a warning - this stream will generate hundreds of Tweets per second, and will cost a considerable amount to consume. If you are looking for a simple test stream, try something like interaction.content contains "coffee", which tends to generate approximately one interaction per second.



I’ve created a stream using CSDL, but unable to get result using:
interaction.type == “twitter” and interaction.sample < 2

in this CSDL I got some:
interaction.type == “twitter” and interaction.sample < 2 and interaction.content contains “coffee”

but I want every tweets in twitter, no constraints on the content! how?

Thanks agains :slight_smile:


Logging into your account, and running the stream myself, I had no problem running this stream.

This issue may have something to do with the browser you are using. Try clicking "Use Stream", and "Consume via API" to see if you can retreive data via a cURL request or via one of our client libraries.

Jason - DataSift Tech Support