Twitter URLs not available in link augmentation?



Are there any plans to include the twitter URLs as part of the output generated by the links augmentation?

As part of our application we show the user the URLs as they appear in the tweet ( etc) and at the moment there is no reliable way to tie the link through to the resolved link in the augmentation as it is not included in the array of hops?



Not at present, no. The reasons behind this should be clear after reading Twitter's Developer Display Requirements.




As an update to my last response, I have learend that part of the reason we do not currently preserve it is due to technical implications on DataSift's side. We are looking into the possibilities of preserving the link in our links augmentation, though we can not promise it will be implemented at this time. 


I’d just like to +1 this feature request. I’m trying to abide by the Developer Display Requirements and the full Twitter Entity data comes through as expected for the Media content which makes that simple, but then trying to map the URL information to reformat the twitter.text to the requirements is an exercise in some serious sed-fu when there are multiple links in a tweet.