Twitter stream


Would like to know if several datasift twitter streams (based on #hastags) could be turn up into a live feed without latency to a public app ?
Imagine a kind of real time tweetdeck dashboard, not an analysis app but a kind of real time CBS connect dashboard (
Should i use the rest streaming api ?
Is it really real time ?
Could i use your bitly imp to get more metadatas ?
Thanks in advance,


It would be possible to create something like this using data sourced from DataSift, yes. However, please be sure to check the license terms for any data sources you wish to use at (you must be logged into DataSift to view this).

Our Twitter source is as close to real-time as possible - typically well under 2 seconds from the time the Tweet is created, until you receive it on your stream (Take a look at our end-to-end latency graph). If you want to keep latency to a minimum, we would recommend using our Live Streaming API with one of our official client libraries

Both bitly and our own Links Augmentation could help add a huge amount of metadata to your data stream. The Links augmentation is available to everyone, though you will need to contact us for more information about getting access to the bitly source.