Twitter Retweet API: Quick start flowchart


I need a quick start flowchart on how to use DataSift with the Twitter Retweet API. I can use DataSift to get what I want. What I need to know is how to get the output into the Twitter Retweet API?


I assume you are referring to the "Twitter : Retweet" target on our Twitter target page.

The best place to start is by having a look at Five Things to Look at First. This page will help give you some basic knowledge about our Curated Stream Definition Language (CSDL).

After reading this, I would recommend logging in, and experimenting with CSDL in the Dashboard. Here you can create and test streams free of charge.

I hope this has helped


I don’t have a problem with CSDL, and have already played with the Dashboard in Alpha. The rest is gobbledegook as far as I’m concerned. What I don’t understand is what to do with the results, and how… All I want to do is take info out of Twitter, process it, and return it back to Twitter as native retweets. Would it be possible to get a plain English explanation of how to do this?



Right, I think I understand now. 

To get data out of Twitter using DataSift, you should use one of our API Client Libraries.

When using the Streaming API, all output is in JSON format. JSON can be easily processed and restructured using most modern programming languages. We would recommend using Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.JS or C#, so that you can use one of our officially supported client libraries. 

DataSift does not offer a way to send Tweets, so this part would need to be done through the Twitter API

I hope this has helped