Twitter profile data


I would like to get the number of followers for a given user account. Ideally the twitter handle should be a parameter. How should I go about such a thing?

I tried creating a stream with :

twitter.user.screen_name == “twitter_handle”

but it returns no data.

Thanks in advance.


In effect I want to get the data provided by this twitter api call:’ + user

but without the usage limits.


twitter.user.screen_name == "username" is exactly what you would want to do.

Please bear in mind that DataSift runs in real-time - if the user you are following does not Tweet while you are running your stream, nothing will appear in your stream. Try following yourself and sending a test Tweet to see how it works.


Just to clarify what your saying, DataSift has no method for getting round the data limits of user profile data unless the user tweets immediately after the request?

If we were to store a copy of a users follow count locally could we use data sift to listen for change to the number of followers?


What data limits are you refering to? 

DataSift is designed primarily as a real-time streaming service. You would want to set up a live stream following a user. Each time they Tweet, you would receive an interaction containing their follow and friend counts. You can then extract and store this data. 


I want to track the user profile data regardless if they tweet or not.

Twitter has rate limits on their user profile API data, I thought DataSift might be able to help.

Thanks anyway.