Twitter output format and historical data


Hi, i’m part of a team working on a data-driven product and we’re evaluating using datasift as one of our providers.

The question i have is pretty simple. Looking at i was wondering if the

“twitter”: {
“user”: { … }

part is also historical, specifically: does the values shown as

“statuses_count”: 28247,
“followers_count”: 3094,
“friends_count”: 510,
“listed_count”: 221,

are corresponding to the time when the tweet was created? On the example case:

“interaction”: {
“created_at”: “Tue, 15 Nov 2011 14:17:55 +0000”,

This would allow us to gather not only tweet data, but also historical statistical data about users since thats exactly what we need.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Fabio,

Yes, the data in the twitter.user or twitter.retweet.user objects are captured as of the time of the tweet so that you can understand how the user stats are evolving over time.



Perfect, thanks!