Twitter interaction


I am trying to get the twitter interactions with the following definition:

interaction.type == “twitter” and
( in “mattsmith_dw, David_Tennant” or
twitter.text contains_any “matt smith, david tennant, doctor who” or
twitter.hashtags in “#mattsmith, #davidtennant, #doctorwho” or
twitter.mentions in “mattsmith_dw, David_Tennant” or
twitter.retweeted.user.screen_name in “mattsmith_dw, David_Tennant”)

There are lots of new tweets which match the criteria but my listener does not receive any.
I am using stream API.

Is there anything wrong in my definition?



Changing definition to interaction.content contains_any “matt smith, david tennant, doctor who” OR interaction.mentions in “mattsmith_dw, David_Tennant” returns facebook interactions.

But, I am interested in tweets that match the above definition.
Connection’s sane, since facebook interactions and status messages are received.

Only thing, I can think that could go wrong with the previous csdl is the definition being invalid but, the /compile did not complain.


I took a quick look at your account "toy_shotsy" and it appears the Twitter data source has not been enabled. Once you have signed and agreed to the T&C, you should be able to see Twitter interactions come through. 



Thanks Victor.

Well, I guess, I had not added any data source.
That is smart of me.