Twitter demographics for specific profile interactions and time period


Is there any way to take the demographics of the users that follow one specific twitter account (for a specific period of time ex.: last 30 days.), AND/OR the demographics of the user that mention a specific twitter account AND/OR the demographics that interact with a specific twitter account?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Jorge,

There isn’t a way of filtering for the users that follow a Twitter user without using the Twitter API, however the rest of your query is do-able.

With the Demographics augmentation turned on, separate each filter with an OR logical operator. Consider using interaction.mentions (to get tweet and retweet mentions), twitter.in_reply_to_screen_name, and twitter.retweeted.user.screen_name. There may be other Twitter targets you find useful.

Your CSDL might look something like:

interaction.type in “twitter” AND interaction.mentions in "screen_name"
OR twitter.in_reply_to_screen_name in "screen_name"
OR twitter.retweeted.user.screen_name in “screen_name”