Twitter data irrelevant and incomplete


We are using csdl=twitter.text%20contains%20"maruti%20sx4"
for hash it generate this 1b0d56d65be36f4ea1dceb01999c681b
after this we create the url for the above hash.

All i get is - {“tick”:1377494988,“status”:“connected”,“message”:“Waiting for data”} most of the times.
The data is thrown once in a while and that to is much less than what i get from Twitter Search API.
Though your api must return more than the Twitter Search API as you guys are using Twitter Firehose.



Going by what you have said it seems like you are creating a live stream for your CSDL. This will only give you back live interactions that match your CSDL, whereas Twitter's search API will give you all tweets that matched your query (although Twitter do not guarantee that all matching tweets will be returned by the search).

If you want a history of tweets that matched your CSDL over a given time frame you would need to make use of our historics service.