Tweets License price



In this foru and in many places in the site it is said : "licence price is currently 1 for 10,000 Tweets" I am using a stream which gets tweets (processing cost is 0.4 DPU) and in my billing section when I calculate the tweet unit price I get : 0.00025 for 1 tweet which is $2.5 for 10000 Tweets. Did I miss something ? I really would like to have a clear explanation of the pricing model.

Thanks in advance for a very quick answer.

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You may be missing the license costs for augmentations. Some augmentations such as Links and Salience Sentiment are also charged. You can find the price of each source and augmentation listed on your Data Sources page.


Thank you very much. I did not noticed those augmentations were activated and also licensed. Now I fully understand the pricing model, thanks.
So I have now a new question, is it possible to activate/remove those augmentations programmatically, when I start using a stream ?


You can not prevent an augmentation form being applied to your interactions on a stream-by-stream basis, no. Unfortunately augmentations can currently only be turned on for all streams, or no streams. This is something we may look at changing in the future.