Tumblr fields and interactions


Have been testing for a bit now and note the following text fields in tumblr don’t get into a field in the interaction.

  • Links: tumblr.description
  • Quotes: tumblr.source_html
  • Answers: tumblr.answer

I would have thought these would be copied into interaction.content.

Any comments?


This does seem to be a bug for the tumblr.description and tumblr.answer fields. Take a look at the Interaction Mapping docs to see which Tumblr fields should map into the interaction.content field.

I’ve raised this with our Product team for review. In the meantime, I’d simply suggest adding these additional fields to your CSDL to ensure you are filtering on every field you are interested in.


Edited again as I realise I’m not right!

From the documentation Quotes map tumblr.text to interaction.content. This happens. My apologies.

tumblr.source_html is of interest too and seems to me that it should map to content as well. So I’d be inclined to make the quote the title and source_html the content, but this breaks the expectation from all the other mappings where tumblr.text goes to interaction.content.

I see that could be an issue if you were to change this as existing filters have been built around the quote being available.


It seems that in cases where tumblr.source_html exists, so does tumblr.text. In cases where multiple fields can map to interaction.content, we traditionally apply priority to these fields. While it may be possible to map source_html to interaction.content, tumblr.text would hold a higher priority, so is the field which would be mapped.
Right now this report is with our Product team for review and prioritization.


They hold different content and you would want both. I would have been inclined to map text to title for quotes and source_html to content.

But this would introduce an inconsistency in the mapping of tumblr.text to the interaction.