Tracking Comments


How do we write a csdl to track comments of a particual Tweet or a Facebook Post.

Let’s take a case where in a Celebrity has tweeted or posted something which has been re-tweeted/shared N number of times. At the same time a lot of people have replied to that tweet or commented on that particular post.

Do we have to write a separate CSDL query to achieve this. Can we do some thing like this:

All comments should be tracked where twitter.tweet contains ‘America’s Got Talent’


Start by taking a look at our available Twitter Targets. This is the full list of targets you can filter on in your CSDL. To simply filter for every Tweet containing the phrase "America's Got Talent", you could do something very simple like so:

twitter.text contains "America's Got Talent"

If you want to pick up instances where people have shared or retweeted a Tweet containing a particular keyword, you could use the following, which will look at the Tweet body, retweet text, and Facebook post content:

interaction.content contains "America's Got Talent"

You can also filter for mentions or retweets of particular Twitter users:

twitter.retweeted.user.screen_name in "nbcagt" OR

twitter.mentions in "nbcagt"




Hey Jason,
I want to be able to track trailing comments which may not have the keywords in the query but they are still replies to a twitter tweet. I’m talking about the conversation that is seen in form of comments and not re-tweets or share.

So let’s say its a poll: And people just reply to the tweet saying “Yes”/"NO"
How do I track this?


Take a look at the twitter.in_reply_to_screen_name, twitter.in_reply_to_user_id and twitter.in_reply_to_status_id targets. These should be all you need to track replies to Tweets from specific users.