Stream not returning gender


I have several feeds set up for Twitter, and the Gender data source enabled, but I dont appear to have any demographic/gender data returned from the API request. Is there anything else I need to do?



From a quick look at your streams, it does not appear that there is anything out of the ordinary going on here. Are you running these examples via cURL / the command line, or using a client library?


I see that I can get demographic data if gender is included in the definition, is there a way to get it without having to define it?


Are you looking for demographic data from out Demographics Data Source, or from the Gender data source? The Gender data source will return just the gender of the Twitter user, whereas the Demographics data source returns far more detailed demographics informaiton as a premium data source.


Hi, I’m just running them in the console at the moment.


Just using the Gender data source.


As long as the Gender data source is switched on, you should be able to access the gender information as part of the returned JSON information. We have an example output for Gender Data here.


That’s what I thought, but this hash cb60bfdcb0329ff6d66038ed9323038d doesn’t seem to have the demographic data?


We work out our gender demographic data by analyzing the user's name, and location. Unfortunately this algorithm is not perfect, and can sometimes fail to determine the gender of a user. It appears that we are not able to identify the gender of the test user you have been using. Typically, we can identify the gender of a high proportion of users, but unfortunately there are exceptions such as this one.


Ah OK. Thanks for your help.