Stream gives me historical data for board


My stream gives me historical data for board, dated to late 2000s, How do i to set it to give data created/produced after the date on which i have created the stream?


We are in the process of adding a board.age target. This will allow you to specify in your CSDL that you only want to receive interactions from the Boards source that are less than 'x' seconds old. For example:

board.content contains "coffee" AND board.age < 604800

This would return any Boards posts created in the last week, containing the keyword 'coffee'.

You will need to be careful when using the board.age target - the Boards source is not real time - it is normal for interactions to take several hours between being created, and being pulled into DataSift, so setting up a filter to look for Boards posts created within the last 5 minutes will likely return no data at all. This target is not yet available. I will be sure to update this topic when it is available.