Stream api: rate limiting problem


I am using file of your sdk for testing datasift but sometimes it gives error like this
WARNING: An error occured: This stream has been rate-limited. Use the live stream instead of the buffered stream
isn’t this the live stream??? and how to resolve this error


You are using the buffered /stream REST API endpoint - this endpoint is only maintained for legacy reasons. 

To consume data from DataSift, you should look at using either Push Delivery (recommended), or the Live Streaming API. In the Java client, look at examples such as, or /push/


thank jason for your response.
Now i have few more doubts

  1. How can i use for getting continous interactions i.e. i dont to limit result any way
  2. Can i pause stream in
  3. what is the url end point variable for i want to get data as json output to proceess i dont want to store raw data anywhere
    Thanks in advance