Stopping Currently Used Stream


The currently used streams tab under our billing shows several “push” subscriptions. When I attempt to delete these via the push delete API, I get the following error message back (e.g., for subscription 273f07bbbcfaaf72fde6b572cac0b625 :
’{“error”:"No push subscription found with the ID 273f07bbbcfaaf72fde6b572cac0b625 "}’

Are these really currently running, and if so, which API can I use to stop and delete the subscriptions?


If you delete a push subscription, trying to delete it again will return the message '{"error":"No push subscription found with the ID xxxxxx "}', as the subscription has already been deleted, and no longer exists.

Calling /push/stop is really the ideal way to stop a push subscription. After calling /push/stop, no new data will be delivered into your push buffer, but any data already in the buffer (i.e. any data you have already paid for) will still be delivered to your push endpoint. Calling /push/delete will immediately delete the push subscription, and any data already in the push buffer will be lost.

You may find this article on Push Status Codes useful.