Stopping and restarting a historic


When you stop a running historic through the historics/stop endpoint, does calling the historics/start endpoint resume the historic query from where it was stopped, or does it start all over again?

Related to this question is what happens with regards to the push/pause endpoint. So calling push/pause will stop documents from being delivered to you, but data is still being written to the buffer. Does the historics/stop endpoint stop data from being written to the buffer? I assume that the buffer is of finite size, so does that mean once the buffer limit is reached, new data will overwrite the oldest documents? Let’s say I wanted to completely pause a historic, so stop the historic query from running and pause the push subscription from sending anymore documents: does this require a call to historics/stop and push/pause? And then would the reverse actions, push/resume and historics/start, resume everything from where it was originally paused?

Thanks so much for your help.


When you stop an Historic, the Historic job itself is stopped, and any data left in the Push delivery buffer will be delivered to your Push endpoint. You can not then restart this Historic job. If you do want to continue running the job, you will need to prepare (creating a new historic playback ID) and start the job again.

Push/pause and push/resume are designed to stop data from being delivered to you, though the push delivery buffer will continue to be filled with new data. The Push delivery buffer is not of a finite size, but will not store data for more than one hour. If data has been in your Push buffer for over an hour, it will be dropped. 

If you wanted to pause the delivery of an Historic job for any reason, you would be able to hit the push/pause endpoint, but would need to push/resume your delivery within an hour to ensure no data is lost.