Status of the Reddit source?


Is there any status on the Reddit source? It doesn’t seem to be working. Here’s the sample stream linked from the documentation:

A per-source status on the API Health page would be nice.


  • Daniel


The Reddit source is working as normal - it is just a very low throughput stream, so you may well go up to 30 minutes or so without seeing an interaction. 

If any data source is suffering from issues, we will update the "Input Streams" list on the status page with a note describing which sources are affected. 


Ah ok, I must have misinterpreted the stream’s content. Documentation is pretty scarce – what exactly ends up in the Reddit stream?


We receive all types of Reddit content - new threads, and comments on these threads. Please note, the Reddit source is not a real-time feed - it can sometimes take up to a few hours for us to receive a post.