Simple get request for tweets?


Is it possible to get tweets without keeping a connection open?

Example: I would like to query for ‘candy’ and receive the last 200 tweets of people who have talked about candy.

Is this only possibly through keeping connections open for each query that I am interested in and waiting?


With DataSift you can collect Tweets with either our Streaming API or Push Delivery, which both delivery Tweets in real-time (or close to real-time depending on the setup of your Push destination). You can also use the Historics API to run your filters over a past period of time.

We do not currently offer a feature which would allow you to find just the last x number of people talking about a certain subject. 

I would recommend setting up a stream to collect 'x' Tweets of people talking about 'candy', and disconnect your stream after you have the results you need.


Thanks for the quick response Jason. Does being on a paid plan automatically grant me access to Historics?

I saw that there was an application form for this feature. I submitted one earlier today.


Historics sounds perfect for my use-case if it’s accessible.


Historics access is available for those on a monthly subscription plan. Our sales team will review your application, and get back to you soon.