Search twitter by keywords in tweets and user description


Is there any way at all to use DataSift to search for latest tweets by keyword, then - crucially - only show the tweets when the twitter user it belongs to has a keyword in their bio? Thanks for any help!


Yes, and it's very simple to set up. Let's say we wanted to search for the keywords "jobs", "hiring", and "recruiting", and we wanted the Tweet's author to have "social media" in their description. We can do this in two lines of CSDL code;

twitter.text any "jobs, hiring, recruiting" and
twitter.user.description contains "social media"

Take a look at our available targets to filters on, and please feel free to get back to us if you need any more clarification on how to use CSDL.


Thanks Jason. Is it possible to run a test on the CSDL code you provided, in order to see the output?


Heres a link to that stream:

    Jobs In Social Media

Please feel free to duplicate, edit and share it


Hi Jason. I actually never got any results with these streams - I only ever see the loading icon. The same thing happens for any other simple stream I try to run


Take a look at the CSDL definition of the stream - The two targets we look for are both from the Twitter data source. To start receiving data, you simply need to activate your Twitter data source. This can be done on the Data Sources page in your dashboard.