Retweet metrics not in output


I have this simple stream
twitter.user.followers_count > 100 and
interaction.sample < 1

The output does not include retweet metrics.
What other settings do I need to tweak to get the retweet.count etc?



Take a look at the Retweet Output Format - you will notice retweets do not include a twitter.user.* field - instead they include both twitter.retweet.user.* and twitter.retweeted.user.* for details about the user who sent the retweet, and the user who has their Tweet retweeted respectively.

Changing your CSDL to the following will ensure you receive both Tweets and retweets from users with over 100 followers:

twitter.user.followers_count 100 or
  twitter.retweet.user.followers_count 100 and
interaction.sample 1


Thank you. I tried this and I did not get retweet fields in my csv file. In fact in the “more options” menu in Export I do not see retweet fields to pick.


Are you still experiencing this issue? I ran a test export, but did not experience the loss of retweet fields.