Resuming the paused subscription issue



I am having troubles resuming the subscription feeds by using the API and I am seeing the same issue when I use the console(

When I want to “pause” or “delete” a subscription feed via the DataSift API, I see the status change right away. When I want to “resume” a paused subscription feed, I don’t see anything happening.

When I use the console to reproduce the issue I go to “Resume a subscription”, than the “Response Body” shows me that the status has been changed to “active”, but when I go to “List subscriptions”, I see the same subscription with status paused.

Is there a delay between the resuming of the subscription and setting it’s status to active again?
How can I be sure that I have successfully resumed the feed, without needing to check it’s status X number of times?
Is there a way to revive a “failed” feed?

Thank you in advance.



We have a flow chart explaining the Push Status Codes. There is no way to 'revive' a 'failed' subscription. Only 'paused' subscriptions can be resumed. Those which are 'failed', 'finishing', 'finished' or 'deleted' can not be resumed. 

When resuming a paused subscription, there is no delay between successfully calling the /push/resume endpoint and the subscription resuming data delivery. The response body from the /push/resume API call returns the new status of the push subscription. You should not need to check the status of the subscription again after resuming it.