REST API: Get stream info given hash?



I am working on an application that consumes data produced by several DataSift streams. These streams are created on the DataSift site using the CSDL editor. Not wanting to remake it, since it is already nice, I tried to find a way to get a list of stream hashes associated with my username/apikey. Has DataSift considered providing an API for managing streams on an account? This would be really nice for quick apps that visualize data. It would let me have a dropdown menu of all the Streams I have on my account, for example.


Thank you,

Tyler C


Unfortunately this is not currently possible. Hitting the /usage REST API endpoint will return any stream hashes with their usage information over the given period (the last day or hour). 

We would recommend storing your CSDL and stream hash in your database, and pulling the information from there. 

Please bear in mind, that many DataSift users edit their CSDL rules every few minutes. Each time you 'edit' your CSDL you are technically creating a new CSDL stream, with a new stream hash. It would simply not be useful to return a list of a user's streams as many users have created many thousands of streams since opening their accounts.