Release Notes thru September 29th, 2015


DataSift APIs


  • This week we published documentation on our API Versioning and Deprecation Policy, and our API Changelog. Right now our latest API version is v1.2, which is supported by each of our official client libraries
  • We have signed up to API Changelog to allow you to subscribe to changes to our API documentation
  • We have recently updated a number of our official client libraries to add support for our latest API endpoints. We always recommend using the latest client library version where possible


  • We plan to remove access to the unversioned API, and v1.0 of the API from February 1st, and March 1st 2016 respectively. You should look to upgrade to v1.2 of the API at your earliest convenience. Our official client libraries all support v1.2 of the API by default. Please see our new API Changelog for more information

DataSift Stream Platform

Changed (Not yet released)

  • As part of our migration to IPv6, we will be adding a new IPv6 address range to the list of IP address ranges from which Push Delivery will send data. The new IP range will be 2A00:4CE0:0000::/40. Please note that this change has not yet been implemented, nor do we have a confirmed date for this change. This should act as a notification that this change will happen in the future, and you should ensure that your Push Connector is IPv6 ready


  • We have made a number of minor updates to the DataSift UI to clean up the user experience; no significant behaviour has been changed
  • We fixed a number of minor bugs in the DataSift API; these were largely issues around the API returning error messages that were not very helpful