Release Notes thru October 27th, 2015


DataSift Stream Platform

Upcoming Fix

We discovered a bug in Push Delivery to file-based connectors such as S3 and (S)FTP which could result in data being overwritten in your data store. Push is able to deliver multiple payloads sub-second when using small delivery sizes and continuous delivery which caused two files of the same name to be written to the data store, with the second write overwriting the first.
To resolve this issue, we’ll be changing the default naming convention of files delivered to file-based Push connectors to include the timestamp with milliseconds, rather than with seconds. The files delivered to your data stores will now change;

  • from DataSift-da3b25df71bf16a847491533e468d359-1445942185.json
  • to DataSift-da3b25df71bf16a847491533e468d359-14459421857623.json

A date for this release has not yet been confirmed, but it will likely be within the next 7 days