Release Notes thru July 7th, 2015


DataSift Stream Platform


  • Added a BSON date type field called inserted_at to interactions pushed to a MongoDB Push destination. This field can be used by Mongo to expire data from collections by setting TTL.


  • A number of minor UI issues
  • Reintroduces Tumblr “unlike” interactions. These interactions will have the following form:
  "tumblr": {
    "action": "delete",
    "activity": "like",


Hey - that was my idea dude, I even talked to you about it! Give credit where credit is due!


Hi Eric

The improvements added to the Mongo connector were absolutely due to your feature request; thanks again for the suggestion. We didn’t at all mean not to give you credit for the suggestion. As a general rule we don’t publicly broadcast conversations that happen in our direct support channel; many of our customers prefer to keep their feature requests private.