Release Notes thru April 7th, 2015



  • Two new parameters for our S3 Push Destination;
    • output_params.encryption allows you to specify the encryption type used on files written to S3. The default is “none” for no encryption. The other option is “AES256”
    • output_params.region allows you to specify the Amazon AWS region in which the bucket specified in output_params.bucket is located. This parameter is optional. A list of possible values for this parameter can be found in our S3 connector documentation
  • New Tumblr CSDL targets and output fields:
    • tumblr.hashtags - This maps to interaction.hashtags and is an alias of tumblr.tags
    • - This is an alias of tumblr.blog_name
    • - This is an alias of tumblr.blogid
  • has been added as a new output field for our Demographics source. This field is a string, and will contain both the age_range start and end dates. An example value could be “20 to 24” or “35 to 39”


  • The output for the demographic.status.relationship field has changed from a string to an array of strings. You can now expect to see multiple relationship values such as [ "Married", "Parent" ]


  • The output for the demographic.twitter.account.large field has changed. The “account.large” field was previously a string containing a period, which was not compatible with MongoDB. The “account.large” field name has now been correctly split into two as shown in the following example:
  "account": {
    "large": [ ... ]