Reg Tweet output format


HI…I just started to work on datasift… and i have a doubt…Say i add a new rule twitter.text contains “apple,mac”. The tweet response received from datasift will have the info of to which of the strings (apple or mac ), it has matched?? I know that i can use the tag.But want to know wthr the tweet response says to which word “apple” or “mac” it has matched apart from the tag.


The only way to set this up will be to use the tag keyword. Unfortunately we do not currently return any information on which part of your CSDL matched the interaction. This is certainly an interesting idea - having the ability to analyse your CSDL based on the interactions it has matched in the past could certainly help users construct better CSDL. I will raise this as a feature request with our product team. 


Okay thanks for your quick response Jason. Along with that is there a way that i can search for a CSDL and then edit the interactions? say i added the interaction before as twitter.text contains “apple,mac” but i want to add another keyword to this so it becomes twitter.text contains “apple,mac,ipad”. Is it possible?


There is currently no way to 'edit' a CSDL filter - you will need to compile and subscribe to a new filter. 

Note: The CSDL you have used in these examples 'twitter.text contains "apple, mac, ipad"' will only match Tweets containing the string "apple, mac, ipad". If you want to match any of the comma separated keywords, you should use the contains_any operator.


Oky thank you for the info.