Recommendations for programmatically checking Historic query progress


I am trying to set up a way to programmatically check the status of my Historic query. Then once status is ‘succesful’/‘finished’ run launch a separate script. I am currently using a while loop and then putting the program to sleep for 10 minutes before checking the status again.

Any suggestions that may make this process better? Ideally some way to notify success, then launch the next set of tasks. I am currently running everything locally on my machine.



The process you have in place is fairly standard. The alternative is to drive your checks with the data you receive, so the process would be:


  • Start seeing data from the current job
  • If data has not been received for over X minutes then call push/get and historics/get
  • If the push subscription has under X bytes remaining in the buffer and the historic job is complete, start new job