Rate limit and costs for Facebook Topic Data


at this url https://dev.datasift.com/docs/products/pylon-fbtd/resources/platform-allowances is explained the API rate limit cost and there is a limit of 10.000 credits per hour. But…what is the average price of a single credit?
For managed source there are these informations:" What’s the difference between credits and DPUs?
You purchase credits on the DataSift platform. Credits are priced in US dollars. A credit costs $1. One credit is equivalent to 5 DPUs so the effective price of one DPU is 20 cents."

A single credit for Facebook Topic Data is $1? And what is the cost of each interaction recorded into the index? It’s about the same for managed source? For managed source there is an example for Tumblr, where the total cost for about 1M interactions is $0,2 per 1000 interactions.


More general information about rate limiting and the “cost” of API calls can be found in our API Rate Limiting documentation. To be very clear, there is no monetary value associated with an API call. The API call “cost” is just put in place as a rate-limiting measure to protect the platform.

On our basic plans, the cost of a DPU will be roughly equivalent to $0.20, yes. However you should contact a member of our sales team to discuss your requirements; they will work with you to build a package with pricing that best fits your needs.

There is no concept of “credits” for Facebook Topic Data access. In order to access Facebook Topic Data, you should look to contact one of our data partners.