Questions About Klout data


I’m not sure your system can support it, but I would really love to access more robust Klout Topic data.

Question 1: I am interested in pulling the Klout Topics data directly via the REST API, rather than enriching the stream. Is this possible? These topics do not change very often and can be cached for 5 days per the Klout API. It is expensive to pay for it as enrichment to each Tweet versus pulling it directly for a specific user once every 5 days. I am currently using the Klout API for this but I am hitting rate-limit issues. If possible, I would like to provide a list of IDs (either Twitter or Klout) and have it return the Topics for each ID.

Question 2: Can you tell me which Topic field is being returned (Display Name or Name)?

Question 3: Would it be possible as part of Question 1 to get the entire Topics payload from Klout (slug, image, url, topic-v-sub-topic)?



1. Unfortunately not. We currently do not offer access to Klout Topics in a RESTful manner - only as an augmentation to a data stream.

2. As a partner of Klout, we do not hit the public Klout API directly - we just receive one, anonymous value for Klout Topics. Though, looking at the Klout public API, 'display name' and 'name' seem to be exactly the same value each time.

3. We are planning some changes and improvements to the Klout augmentation. I will raise this as a feature request with our product team.


Thanks. I’ve created a lookup table for the other “topic” data points, so I just have to do a lookup for each topic (I use the image as part of my visualization toolset). So it’s not a huge deal but it would save me 5 database calls if the entire payload was there.

Thanks again!