Questions about facebook data source

  1. Is there a way to target on facebook.hashtags ? I see the a doc at, though it has the twitter.hashtags target on the page. But the visual editor doesn’t seem to have ability to query on the hashtags target.
    2 Is there a way to get facebook posts ONLY from users and NOT pages, groups etc… ?


1. That is a typo in the documentation. The facebook.hashtags target is used in exactly the same way as twitter.hashtags. I will ensure support for facebook.hashtags is added to the Query Builder.

2. The regular Facebook data source (i.e. not the Facebook Pages managed Source) only returns posts from users. 


do you have a feature to retrieve facebook comments for all post?


Facebook Pages Managed Sources will pull comments for the Facebook posts you receive, however the Pages you receive these posts from must be specified up-front.
For example, you could ask to monitor all posts and comments on the DataSift Facebook Page. We can not return comments for “all” Facebook posts.