Query Builder stream is missing from menu and saliency missing from augmentation


I am trying to using the visual query build to see how many fans a brand has on Facebook. I looked at this guide… https://dev.datasift.com/howto/quick-start/quick-start-using-query-builder and fell over at the first hurdle as the video says click on streams which is the second item in the menu however this is missing from my menu!?. I found that using the filter menu item I can get to the query builder I can create a filter for Facebook but the saliency bit is missing as well.

Am I wasting my time using the query editor?

Can anyone help?



Thanks for reporting this Steve. We recently updated our documentation and UI to refer to CSDL Filters, rather than “streams”; we obviously missed a page when we were updating the docs here.
As for the Augmentations available in the Query Builder, you will need to ensure you have activated the augmentation on your data sources page before it will appear in the Query Builder