PYLON 1.6.1 Release Notes


This document outlines changes in PYLON 1.6.1, slated for release on December 15.

Functional Changes

  • Link Title Filtering. Two new CSDL targets will be made available for both interaction filtering and query filtering: fb.link_title and fb.parent.link_title. Each of these targets contains the title or headline of a Web page to which a link in a Facebook story points. For example, the following CSDL argument will return interactions where the title of a Web page on a third-party site outside of Facebook contains “xbox”, even though “xbox” is not mentioned in the Facebook story itself or the URL:

fb.link_title contains “xbox”

Topic Data Availability for Additional Countries

  • 57 new countries and territories will also be made available to all PYLON for Facebook Topic Data customers: Afghanistan (AF), American Samoa (AS), Australia (AU), Bangladesh (BD), Brunei (BN), Bhutan (BT), Cook Islands (CK), Christmas Island (CX), Fiji (FJ), Federated States of Micronesia (FM), Guam (GU), Hong Kong (HK), Indonesia (ID), India (IN), Japan (JP), Kyrgyzstan (KG), Cambodia (KH), Kiribati (KI), South Korea (KR), Kazakhstan (KZ), Laos (LA), Sri Lanka (LK), Marshall Islands (MH), Myanmar (MM), Mongolia (MN), Macau (MO), Mariana Islands (MP), Maldives (MV), Malaysia (MY), New Caledonia (NC), Norfolk Island (NF), Nepal (NP), Nauru (NR), Niue (NU), New Zealand (NZ), French Polynesia (PF), Papua New Guinea (PG), Philippines (PH), Pakistan (PK), Pitcairn Islands (PN), Palau (PW), Solomon Islands (SB), Singapore (SG), Thailand (TH), Tajikistan (TJ), Tokelau (TK), East Timor (TL), Turkmenistan ™, Tonga (TO), Tuvalu (TV), Taiwan (TW), United States Minor Outlying Islands (UM), Uzbekistan (UZ), Vietnam (VN), Vanuatu (VU), Wallis and Futuna (WF), Samoa (WS).

If you do not wish to have data from these countries flowing into your recording you should ensure that you are using CSDL to restrict data to specific countries of interest. For example, this rule restricts a recording to stories from people whose Current City listed on their profile is in Spain or Portugal and the engagements on those stories. in “ES, PT” or in “ES, PT”

If you do not restrict data in your filters by country, you will begin receiving data from all 139 countries available.