Push Or Pull Streams



I am little confused about datasift system. Is it a pull based system or a push based.

Lets take this case -if I want to create a record in database when any of the twitter user (registered in my system also) gets a tweet or mention. For this will the stream process work or I will have to keep polling.

Is the stream is kind of infinite data which keeps coming??


DataSift supports both Push and Pull data delivery mechanisms.
If you want to Push recordings directly into a database such as MySQL or MongoDB, you should take a look at our available Push Destinations.
You can also use our Pull Endpoint which will allow you to determine when you want the data matched by your filter to be delivered (this is great if you don’t want to open any ports on your network up to DataSift).
The filters you create will return data indefinitely if you want them to; you can also specify start and end times if you only need to consume a filter for a specific time period.

You may want to take a look at some of our Getting Started guides to learn about how to set up filters and consume data from DataSift. Some great getting started resources are: