Pull connector issue



I configured a pull connector for the push delivery of historic query. I am using cygwin to perform curl queries. The pull connector get created fine. The logs show the following:

ID: 69e7e355fd3fcc…
Name: connectorpull
Status: active
Created at: Tue May 06 10:49:30 IST 2014
Last request: null
Last success: null
Output Type: pull
Output Params:
format = json_new_line

But, when I try to pull data using the following commands, nothing is returned either on the command line, nor in the folder not even 200/204/400


curl -X POST ‘https://api.datasift.com/v1/pull
-d ‘id=69e7e355fd3fcc…’
-H ‘Authorization: 0’

curl -X POST ‘https://api.datasift.com/v1/pull
-d ‘id=69e7e355fd3fcc…’
-H ‘Authorization: 0’

Please, suggest a resolution for this.



When you hit /push/get for that Push subscription, what is the value of  'remaining_bytes'? If the query you are running has not yet returned any data, hitting /pull should not return any data.

Hitting /pull directly via cURL will simply print the interactions to your terminal - they will not appear in any other folder


Calling push/get using the id of the connector gave the following output:

What does this output mean ? This is a pull connector for a historics query ranging over 1 month. I have manually checked twitter for existence of data for the query in the give time period. Therefore, the correct result cannot be zero.

The steps I have followed for the historic query creations are as follows:

  1. Create a stream online. Record the hash value.
  2. Create a new historic query with the hash and other values. Record the historic ID.
  3. Create a pull connector with historic ID. Record the ID,
  4. Start the historic ID.

The historic query processed completely. I checked that using historics/view.

I am not sure which step is going wrong.


The Push subscription may not be showing up in the response as it has finished. Try adding the following parameter to your API call:


As this query has finished, remaining_bytes will likely be set to null, as any remaining data will have been dropped. Are you able to provide your DataSift username for me to take a closer look?