Problems streaming data


using this url having an out put like

{“tick”:1382591143,“status”:“initialised”,“message”:“Waiting for data”}
{“tick”:1382591160,“status”:“connected”,“message”:“Waiting for data”}
{“tick”:1382591190,“status”:“connected”,“message”:“Waiting for data”}
{“tick”:1382591220,“status”:“connected”,“message”:“Waiting for data”}

… and go on

cant understand how to get a JSON output from the stream filter created. Please reply ASAP. Also tried the PHP API, the page just showing loading.



Looking at your username "ProjeshPal", it appears that you do not have any data sources active. Please enable the ones you want here and you should be able to see data come through. Please let us know if that helps.



You will receive these 'ticks' as a keep-alive, when your stream returns no data. Your CSDL is the following:

  twitter.text == "Infosys\,google\,microsoft\,facebook" 

So you have specified that the Tweet text must be exactly "Infosys\,google\,microsoft\,facebook" for an interaction to match your filter. Try switching the == operator for contains_any, and remove the escaping of the commas - this is not needed.

The following CSDL is probably closer to what you were trying to do - match any Tweet (not retweets) containing Infosys, Google, Microsoft or Facebook:

  twitter.text contains_any "Infosys, google, microsoft, facebook" 


Thanks Duan and jason… you saved me in literally… thank both of you man



I have the exact same problem with streaming data. As you mentioned above, I’ve already activated twitter and facebook data sources and my stream key is cc1f21d161891a97405c98298e1eb263 and the raw query look like this: “facebook.message contains “DataSift” AND exists”…
returns nothing but {“tick”:,“status”:“connected”,“message”:“Waiting for data”}

and advice would be great, thanks…


It is likely that there are just no Facebook posts matching your query being created.Try something a little more open, such as: facebook.message contains “coffee” AND exists


Thank you, it worked… Now instead of making test requests, I 'm trying to get what I really need, so I compiled a new query and used stream key to get the data required. But now I 'm getting something like this:

{“tick”:1390645328,“status”:“connected”,“message”:“Waiting for data”}
{“tick”:1390645358,“status”:“connected”,“message”:“Waiting for data”}
{“tick”:1390645388,“status”:“connected”,“message”:“Waiting for data”}
{“demographic”:{“gender”:“female”},“interaction”:{“schema”:{“version”:3},“source”:“Twitter for iPhone”,“author”:{“username”:…}
{“tick”:1390645448,“status”:“connected”,“message”:“Waiting for data”}
{“tick”:1390645478,“status”:“connected”,“message”:“Waiting for data”}
{“tick”:1390645508,“status”:“connected”,“message”:“Waiting for data”}
{“tick”:1390645988,“status”:“connected”,“message”:“Waiting for data”}
{“tick”:1390646018,“status”:“connected”,“message”:“Waiting for data”}
{“tick”:1390646048,“status”:“connected”,“message”:“Waiting for data”}
{“tick”:1390646078,“status”:“connected”,“message”:“Waiting for data”}
{“demographic”:{“gender”:“male”},“interaction”:{“schema”:{“version”:3},“source”:“Tweet Button”,“author”:{“username”:…}
{“tick”:1390646138,“status”:“connected”,“message”:“Waiting for data”}
{“tick”:1390646168,“status”:“connected”,“message”:“Waiting for data”}
{“tick”:1390646198,“status”:“connected”,“message”:“Waiting for data”}
{“tick”:1390646228,“status”:“connected”,“message”:“Waiting for data”}

I get only 2 objects and it keeps saying “Waiting for data”… Then I tried to make the same request again and this time I got no results at all… Why I 'm not getting the same result out of the same query? And why I 'm getting only 2 objects which I 'm pretty sure I should get much more. Should I narrow my query? Is it because I 'm requesting too much data which takes high amount of time? Or maybe I 'm supposed to upgrade my DataSift subscription on some point?

Thank you


The 'ticks' you are receiving are expected when you are using the Streaming API - pease refer to the Streaming API Documentation. They are used to keep the connection alive. 

Bear in mind that the Streaming API returns real-time data only. If no-one is creating content matching your filter, it will not return anything. Each of our official client libraries contains a number of examples, including examples of how to use the Streaming API. 


That makes sense now, I should have read it before asking… Thank you