Problem with twitter.retweeted.mentions



I’ve configured a test stream with the following filtering conditions:
interaction.type == “twitter” and
(twitter.mentions in “dachisgroup” or
twitter.retweeted.mentions in “dachisgroup”)

Then I logged into my twitter account and created a few test tweets and re-tweets.
While the mentions filter works fine, the re-tweeted mentions doesn’t fire.
Tried running the stream both ways: from the context of your web-site and using your Java API.

What might be the issue?



Thanks for spotting this - it seems like there may be a bug here which we will look into immediately. I will update this thread when we know more.

As a note, Looking at your CSDL;

    interaction.type == "twitter" and (twitter.mentions in "dachisgroup" or twitter.retweeted.mentions in "dachisgroup")

In this case, you do not need to include interaction.type == "twitter" as you are only filtering on data which appears in the Twitter stream, so there is no chance you will ever receive interactions from other sources.


Thanks for your reply, Jason!


I’ve checked a sample Interaction object, containing a retweet that has mentions, and noticed, that mentions are actually contained under “twitter.retweet.mentions”, not under “twitter.retweeted.mentions”:


{“interaction”:{“id”:“1e17760bbd9bab80e074bde02f8908f6”,“tags”:[“English”,“male”],“type”:“twitter”},“twitter”:{“id”:“184315925221216257”,“retweet”:{“text”:“Why I Quit [Your Company Name Here] (@stephgioia @dachisgroup)”,“id”:“184315925221216257”,“user”:{“name”:“Yuriy Lopotun”,“location”:“Ukraine, Kiev”,“statuses_count”:3,“followers_count”:1,“friends_count”:7,“screen_name”:“ylopotun”,“lang”:“ru”,“id”:435722528,“id_str”:“435722528”,“created_at”:“Tue, 13 Dec 2011 11:17:08 +0000”},“source”:“web”,“count”:3,“created_at”:“Mon, 26 Mar 2012 16:28:35 +0000”,“mentions”:[“stephgioia”,“dachisgroup”],“links”:[“”],“domains”:[“”]},“retweeted”:{“id”:“183026704221085697”,“user”:{“name”:“Dachis Group”,“url”:“”,“description”:“Dachis Group powers the design, development,\r\nmanagement and measurement of Social Business solutions for the\r\nworld’s leading companies.”,“location”:“Austin”,“statuses_count”:1028,“followers_count”:4483,“friends_count”:461,“screen_name”:“dachisgroup”,“lang”:“en”,“time_zone”:“Central Time (US & Canada)”,“utc_offset”:-21600,“listed_count”:467,“id”:69748663,“id_str”:“69748663”,“created_at”:“Sat, 29 Aug 2009 01:18:14 +0000”},“source”:"<a href=“” rel=“nofollow”>Echofon",“created_at”:“Fri, 23 Mar 2012 03:05:41 +0000”}}}

But when I tried to change it in the stream definition, I got:
org.datasift.ECompileFailed: The target twitter.retweet.mentions does not exist.